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Service providers today are under constant pressure to deliver hyper connectivity and ultra low latency. With fibre powering the future of hyper-connected lives, FTTx solutions are the perfect answer for ultra high speed last mile data connectivity enabling truly digital lives.

However, CSPs across the globe are struggling with high per-home-pass cost to effectively implement highly dense fiberised network infrastructure. In this webinar, Dr. Badri Gomatam, Chief Technology Officer, Sterlite Tech would elaborate on:

  • What are the key FTTx network considerations?

  • How Software Defined Access solution simplifies the broadband network design and brings in service agility?

  • How web-scale, open & agile networks help CSPs bring operational and capital efficiencies in network deployment?

  • Key takeaways from Sterlite Tech's experience with Hyper Dense Urban FTTH deployments