STL Ultranet brings the "Fibre to the home" experience, commonly known as FTTH with an ultra-speed broadband. It will enable you to work online at speeds that were deemed impossible with the internet. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of high-speed fibre broadband, superior quality HD TV, 3D gaming, movies-on-demand, high-tech security surveillance systems and much more. Your home will be so intelligent and intuitive; you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. STL Ultranet is a FTTH technology solution provided by STL.

why fibre?

Sterlite Tech Ultranet - Ultra Speed Broadband

Fibre Broadband

Fibre can enable speeds of 1Gbps & beyond. It enables the delight of zero buffering, no waiting and do things right now with high-speed plans. Fibre can empower an individual with a whole new digital Lifestyle.

Sterlite Tech FTTH


FTTH provides enormous bandwidth and long reach offering triple play services ( Data, Voice, Video) on a single fibre. FTTH is future-proof solution to provide add-on services such as Video-on-demand, online gaming, HD TV and much more.

Ultranet Advantage

  • Uninterupted Download

    Uninterrupted downloads

    Fibre gives you Download: Upload speed ratio of 2:1 as compared to traditional connection which provides Download: Upload speed ratio of 8:1.

  • High Speed Broadband on Fiber

    Closer with connectivity

    With high speed broadband on fibre you can create seamless virtual presence, HD video calling with 100% lag-free experience and be close to your loved ones by digitally eliminating the distance.

  • High Speed Video Streaming

    Video on Demand

    With video on demand, we are determined to fulfill your television needs on internet, opening new avenues to HD movie, video streaming , next-gen TV, and HD video calling with no buffer what-so-ever.

  • High Definition 3D Gaming


    Get empowered with Ultranet’s high-speed network. It can enable CCTV, intercom, building management, system, and home automation. The fibre infrastructure supports IP- based home surveillance – ensuring remote monitoring, giving peace of mind even at office!

  • Fibre Infrastructure

    Faster Games

    Game on and take your gaming experience to a whole new level with high definition 3D gaming, with multiple device support and advantages.

  • Fibre Infrastructure

    Future proof

    Our fibre infrastructure for all its advantages is future proof to serve IP enabled services and support future’s high bandwidth requirements.

  • Ultra-high Internet Speeds

    work from home

    Ultra-high internet speeds which is 100 times better than traditional internet, makes work smoother & faster enabling faster download & upload of heavy files, increased productivity, video conference, connected with clients 24*7, seamless virtual presence - saving travel cost.

  • Eco-friendly High Speed Broadband on Fibre Network

    Eco friendly

    You can be guilt free while enjoying high-speed broadband on fibre network as fibre consumes 36% less power as compared to copper connection. Organisation contributes to the society, by encouraging work-from-home & thus less carbon emission & pollution.

experience ultranet

FiON Fibre for 100 mbps Internet Speed

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