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Sterlite Tech's corporate culture consists of highly motivated and passionate team of professionals with the aim to continuously learn and focus on developing individual skills and potentials. Our company constantly strives to develop leadership opportunities for employees to scale up the organization ladder. We provide a diverse work environment where employees are fast-paced, ambitious and have a passion for learning and expanding their capabilities – if this is what you are looking for then Sterlite Tech is for you!

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Competitive environment for aggressive growth of employees


Open to people who are passionate, curious, willing to learn with never say die attitude


Global exposure for all employees


Offer excellence in HR by providing healthy work environment and employee friendly policies


Learning on ground contributes to creativity, efficiency, learning and development among teams. The team gets an opportunity to work with world’s largest network operators across the globe and understand how organizations deliver value to their customers.

Rewards & Recognition

Employees’ contribution towards the company gets noticed and rewarded

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