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Indonesia Digital Summit 2017

Indonesia Digital Summit 2017
Sterlite Day : Indonesia Digital Summit - hear :Taufik Hasan - Commissioner, Indonesia Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, Meena Adnani – EVP, BOLT Internux - First Media, Rudy Azhary Dalimunthe - Group Head, IndosatOoredoo, Ichsan Budiarso – CEO, Dens.TV (CBN grp)

Monetizing all IP Networks

Monetizing all IP Networks
Sterlite Tech a global provider of Next-generation BSS, Packet Core and Carrier Wi-Fi solution, announces to showcase its Monetization capabilities for all IP Networks - 4G/LTE, Wi–Fi and Fixed Broadband

Digital Transformation: How Gandhinagar has become the Smarter City of India

Digital Transformation: How Gandhinagar has become the Smarter City of India
Sterlite Tech designs, builds, and manages Smart City Services for the citizens of Gandhinagar. It enables digital transformation by deploying next generation smart city services for Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation (GMC).

Smart City Solutions by GMC, Gandhinagar with Sterlite Tech

Smart City Solutions by GMC, Gandhinagar with Sterlite Tech
Gandhinagar smart city solutions is a step in Digital India initiative. Designed, built & managed by Sterlite Tech, It aims to transform the lives of citizens.

The journey from CSP to DSP

The journey from CSP to DSP
Transforming from a CSP to becoming a digital service provider (DSP) creates a number of challenges best addressed by looking closely at the whole BSS/OSS stack. Vaibhav Mehta from Elitecore outlines how this is being managed by the leading players.

Elitecore Showcase at MWC 2016

Elitecore Showcase at MWC 2016
Elitecore, the software company of Sterlite Technologies Limited, is a global IT product and service provider offers pre-integrated BSS, Packet-core and Carrier Wi-Fi solution with modular flexibility. Adhering to TM Forum and 3GPP standard, the offerings are compatible to large vendor ecosystem addressing CSPs requirement of faster time to market and reduced TCO. Elitecore has over 150 network deployments worldwide for 52 Service providers in more than 40 countries. Elitecore’s satisfied customer base includes 11 of the world’s top 30 operators. For details, visit

How Operators can Monetize their Services with Elitecore’s LTE RCM Platform & Wi-Fi SMP Offerings
Elitecore’s Sr. Vice President Business Development, Mr. Vaibhav Mehta in an exclusive interview with Rafael A. Junquera, Director and Editor of at Mobile World Congress Barcelona, 2014, presenting key highlights of Elitecore’s LTE RCM Platform & Wi-Fi SMP Offerings.

Bringing Analytics to the Backend
Nikhil Jain, CEO, Elitecore Technologies in a post award interaction session with John C Tanner, Editor-in-Chief, Telecom Asia discussing the success of LTE RCM and his future strategies after winning the BSS Innovation of the Year award.

Connecting Carrier Wi-Fi to Public Places
Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP enables the service providers to Connect Carrier Wi-Fi with Public Places to deliver enhanced user experience and tap new monetization opportunities by offering differentiated services.

Powering Drive to LTE
‘Powering Drive to LTE’, Elitecore LTE Revenue and Customer Management Platform is enabling the Operators to achieve the goal of ‘Fast Deployment Faster Monetization’.

Taking the pain out of LTE service Launches
Elitecore’s Vaibhav Mehta in an exclusive interview with Telecom Asia at LTE Asia 2014, discusses key features of Elitecore LTE RCM Platform and how it can enable operators to capitalize on new opportunities, provide enhanced customer experience, rapid rollout of innovative personalized services and address customer requirements with faster time to market.

Elitecore helps operators overcome back office challenges while migrating from existing to LTE network
Vaibhav Mehta, Sr.VP Business Development, Elitecore talks to Tony Poulos, Anchor & Columnist, Telecom Asia on how LTE offerings proves to be challenging for the back office and how Elitecore’s unique pre-integrated, industry standard platform comprising of core session management, Billing, Policy Control and Online Charging helps operator not only to overcome these challenges but also monetize their next-generation offerings ensuring faster rollout.

Elitecore at Mobile World Congress 2014
Showcasing how it delivers Customer Experience and Revenue Management through its Integrated Billing, Charging & Policy Control for LTE, Core Session Management and Carrier Wi-Fi SMP.

Wi-Fi offload explained
Dhaval Vora from Elitecore, in an exclusive interview with Telecom Asia in Thailand, explains the benefit and uniqueness of Wi-Fi offload in Asia and why it is so important.

Wi-Fi offload boosts bottom line
Elitecore's COO & Director, Nikhil Jain, in an exclusive interview with Telecom Asia at Mobile World Congress 2011, Barcelona, explains how Wi-Fi offload helps operators manage growing data volumes solving the load on 3G spectrum. Particularly in emerging markets like India, there’s a huge difference between exponential data growth due to proliferation of smartphone devices and spectrum growth. Wi-Fi provides the much needed succor for service providers looking to scale down costs of 3G network, solve network congestion issues and improve user Quality-of-Experience (QoE). Watch this video that explains briefly why Wi-Fi offload is such a hot topic and the extent of growth in coming few years.

The Mobile Broadband Story
The ongoing 3G-4G evolution has opened a Pandora’s box of revenue threats for service providers as they struggle to find ways in accommodating the growing data appetite of next-generation smartphone users while trying to monetize the same.
Enjoy this thrilling movie where you put yourself in the operator’s driving seat, trying to out-maneuver the data tornado sweeping across your limited 3G-4G spectrum.
Mind you, it’s going to be an uphill task with subscribers dictating terms in the data eco-system but with over 7.1 billion wireless connected devices and nearly 800 million mobile-enabled netizens by 2015, the stakes are high and the reward is huge!
As you walk half-way in the operator’s shoes trying to close the data-revenue gap, you’ll meet a FRIEND - a friend who helps you accelerate revenues with innovative offerings, manage networks efficiently, grow subscriber-aware in real time and unearth what really happens in the network.