Partnering for Support & Maintenance,
and Managed Services

Optimize efficiency with experts and a proven partner
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Key Features
Critical Operations

Guarantee service continuity and quality with operational readiness across all infrastructure layers with knowledge and proven skills.

Quick Issue Resolution

From initial investigation to resolution, we accelerate time-to-market and support seamless customer experience.

Proven Workforce

From deployments across 150 networks for 75 Service providers in more than 40 countries, we support mutual growth as our business drive.


We partner in your business vision from discovery of requirements to delivery of solutions to offer a scalable, pay-as-you-go model.

Sterlite Support System (S3)

We are your partners in solution and importantly, in support. A proven digital partner takes complete responsibility for ongoing operations, allowing service providers to focus on core business activities and innovation. Service providers can leverage our extensive support system and maintenance services for our and third party products; as keeping up-to-date tools, processes and personnel is much more focused and resource rich process, weighing down on opex.

We enable you to outsource one or multiple business functions and processes. We provide end-to-end operations infrastructure, workforce, competence and best practices while ensuring service continuity, scalability and reliability.

Support System (S3)
Support System
Managed Services

The services ensure that service providers are using solutions effectively on a day-to-day basis. It includes Application Operations, Capacity & Security Compliance Management, Release & Configuration Management, Security & Compliance Management, Infrastructure Management and Operations Control Center components. Our investigation and analysis, regular updates and notifications and health checks are aligned to ensure a smooth business operation. In case of escalation the repair and maintenance ensures no inherent changes to the original design DNA.

  • Level 1: Monitoring, Initial Investigation and Escalation
  • Level 2: Detailed Investigation
Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance services allocate resources that enable operations personnel to resolve issues quickly. It tunes, upgrades and applies the latest security patches to service providers´ solutions and includes Helpdesk Support, Preventive Maintenance, L3/L4 Solution & Product Support, Incident & Problem Management, Facilities Management and Application Enhancements & Product Upgrade components.

  • Level 3: Customized Development and System Integration Support
  • Level 4: Highest Level of Escalation in Product Support with Expert Intervention
Support Services


Availability of support help desk 24 hours | 7 days 14 hours | 6 days 8 hours | 5 days
Availability of support help desk for most critical issues 24 hours | 7 days 24 hours | 7 days 24 hours | 7 days
Availability of dedicated support resource
Priority response for most critical issues
Telephonic support
Email support
Production server health check report frequency Once every month Once every Quarter Once every 6 months
Assistance on issues faced in client's test environment
Notifications on newsletters, updates etc. via email