Sponsored Data

Sponsored Data

Capitalize on Zero-Rating with Sponsored Data
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In a typical sponsored data scenario, subscribers can browse websites, stream video and enjoy apps on their mobile devices without impacting their personal data plans. In return, subscribers watch advertisements paid for by advertising vendors directly to operators. This business model meets the needs of Advertisers/Promoters, Telcom operators and the End User.

Sponsored Data Solution consists of PCRF, Online Charging System, DPI, Captive Portal, Ad Server and Partner Settlement module to suffice end-to-end needs of an operator who launches Sponsored Data Plans.

Sponsored Data Architecture
(Figure: Sponsored Data Architecture)


  • CDR Reconciliation: Sponsored data generate event CDRs which can be processed by Sterlite Tech's platform. The CDRs contain the information about the subscriber-view-count/clicks for each advertisement. This information helps in generating bill for advertisement partner.
  • Integrated Policy and charging: Online charging system, integrated with 3GPP compliant PCRF enables service providers to offer new IP/IMS based prepaid plans. It enables QoS for particular partner service and facilitates partner pricing & Charging, revenue sharing, revenue reconciliation and settlement. It offers personalized plans and service to subscribers using Policy Analytics.
  • Multiple Networks: Sponsored Data Solution can be used by various networks like LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Fixed Line etc.
  • Integration with existing systems: Solution components can be easily integrated with operators 3rd party existing systems.
  • Location Based Services: With solution operators are able to have the benefit of location specific services like Location based partnerships, Location specific promotions, Real Time location specific offerings etc.


  • Enhanced Customer Experience Sponsored Data lets the customer to access more content and applications, without worrying about the cost of the data usage. They also get access to more rich content.
  • New Revenue Stream Sponsored Data generates new business model for the operator. They can generate new revenue from the content providers as per the contract of their promotions.
  • Content Providers Benefit Sponsored Data helps the Content providers to have a new way to increase market reach and penetration. They can take advantage of location specific services, and attract customers present in the same location. This helps them heighten their sales in a significant manner.
  • Use Cases Sponsored Data Solution supports various use cases such as: Zero Rating, Toll-Free Content, Free Limited Content etc.
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