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Elitecore Technologies, founded in 1999, is a part of Sterlite Technologies Limited. it is a global Telecom and IT software product company providing Wi-Fi Service Management Platform, OSS / BSS alongside packet core with flexibility of modular and pre-integrated offerings.

Adhering to TM Forum and 3GPP standards, Elitecore telecom offerings are compatible to large vendor ecosystem addressing to operator’s requirement of faster time-to-market and better TCO. As an experienced IP solutions player, Elitecore products are highly responsive to next-generation services, fulfilling operator monetisation needs across the access networks. Elitecore has over 150+ network deployments for 52 service providers with presence across 40+ countries.

Defining OSS and BSS

Operating Support Systems (OSS) assemble services and assure network performance. They help operators plan, build and optimise their network.

When you want to make a call, send or receive a file, watch a video, chat, or use an app, the OSS makes sure the network can handle your request, no matter where you are.

Business Support Systems (BSS) enable operators to manage accounts and payments, customer support, and service modification.

When you buy a new service for your devices, top up your pre-paid account, pay your bills, buy and activate a new device, check your data consumption, or raise a question to customer care you are using the BSS.

OSS/BSS – Diversity makes the difference

Growth in data traffic and subscriber numbers in recent years has placed extreme pressure on operators' Operations Support Systems and Business Support Systems. Some have had to scale up to thousands of times their original capacity to cope.

But size is no longer enough. The Billions of new subscribers around the world now want to be in control, to get the services they pay for – they want to feel special. Support systems need to provide agility so that operators can meet their customers' expectations, and stay one step ahead. The primary challenge for OSS/BSS is no longer just scale, its diversity. Instead of user numbers, it's about user needs.

Sterlite Tech Software Services - ELITECORE

The Sterlite Tech - Elitecore Advantage

Elitecore serves as a very good entry in the OSS/ BSS space and the wider telecom software space including Wi-Fi software services with its highly scalable and modular platform. The Company will help transform Sterlite Tech from a capital-intensive driven growth to knowledge and services driven growth.

Elitecore helps to build capabilities in the services and solutions space, thus creating a new facet within the telecoms value chain.

Together, Sterlite Tech and Elitecore will be able to offer complete suite of products and solutions for telecom service providers and become a partner of choice, be it fibre & cable portfolio, network creation, software solutions and Managed Services.