Shared Wallet

Shared Wallet

Enhance the Subscriber Data Experience with Shared Wallet
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Mobile data subscribers are increasingly demanding more flexibility to share data across multiple devices and among multiple users. Subscribers want multiple devices sharing the same data plans within their family members/Enterprise coworkers. And hence the concept of incorporating 'shared wallet' makes more sense today, than ever before.

Sterlite Tech plays a key role in enabling operators to launch shared wallet plans by providing effective metering process for a common pool of data that is being shared by multiple devices or users. The key features are Real-time usage control, transfer of monetary and non-monetary units between group members & Mobile Self Care App enabling subscribers to self-manage their shared data balance in an efficient manner. This helps operator to reduce churn rates when all the members are on the same shared data plan and also improve subscriber experience.

Shared Wallet Solution consists of Integrated Policy & Charging, SPR, SelfCare Portal and Product Catalog to suffice end-to-end needs of an operator who launches Shared Wallet Plans.

(Figure: Shared Wallet Architecture)


  • Sharing Monetary/Non Monetary Balance The monetary/nonmonetary balance of all the service instances will be shared as a common pool and all service instances under the group will be able to consume balance from the common/shared pool. Each service instance can represent individual device or SIM card consuming the shared balance
  • Gift Data
    The user's can transfer units and allowances between group members
  • Capping Balance Usage
    The owner of the group can define spending limits of each subscriber in the group; it helps the owner to judicially allocate data volume against each subscriber
  • Add-on Recharge
    Once the balance is exhausted; the subscriber can recharge their common account, which can be shared among group Members
  • Usage Metering
    Our Solution enables operator to meter individual as well as group usage allowances
  • Ease of Subscriber Management The group owner has the authority of expansion and reduction of the group by adding or removing members & devices within the group. The operator can control the upper limit of number of devices/ members to be given access in the data package.


  • Enhanced Customer Experience
    Shared plans enhance subscriber data experience by giving them the control to manage data usage for the shared group. The subscriber also benefits from the simplicity of having a single bill for data usage of all the devices within the group. Subscribers can use a single plan for multiple devices/members. So instead of opting for different data plans for each member/device from the same operator, a single data plan pooled among all devices helps all the subscribers pay lower fee for the entire package.
  • Subscriber Growth
    Shared wallet plans help the operators and the mobile equipment manufacturer to lure new subscribers.
  • Incremental Revenues
    Operators can benefit from incremental revenues as subscribers add new devices / members in the shared data package.
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