Underground Applications

Sterlite Technologies offers a wide array of cable designs for the various needs of underground installations: from dielectric cables, to steel tape armor, dielectric armor, ribbon tape, antirodent protection, microcables and many other customised designs. In urban environments where space for optical fibre cable installation is limited, our microcables have proven to be a key element to bring more density of fibre to the homes in small conduits.

Aerial Applications

Whether your aerial needs require All Dielectric Self Supported Cables (ADSS), with steel messenger (or dielectric messenger), lashed cables, armored cables, antitracking protection, or any other specific requirement, Sterlite can meet your needs. Our Gel Free ADSS Cables have become the choice of many telecom operators around the world; the ease of cleaning the fibres makes installation much easier, and thanks to the strength properties of aramid yarn we can reach spans above 1,000 meters with the certainty that it will provide enough tensile strength to support its weight, ice and wind loads.

FTTH Applications

As Telecom and CATV Operators are rushing worldwide to bring fibre optical cable to the premises (FTTx), Sterlite stands at the leading front with FTTH Applications in cable designs for the last mile. Whether you need a feeder cable, a drop cable, a flat drop or distribution cable, we can provide a solution to help you reach your customers in a faster, less expensive, reliable way.

Tactical Applications

Sterlite's cable solutions for military tactical applications enable easy installation, provide a high degree of reliability and offer outstanding performance to suit the typical requirements of such installations.