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Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)

A Service Aware Intelligent Policy Manager
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Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)

A dynamic, intuitive and having real time capability, PCRF makes policy enforcement decisions in real time based on the services, applications, network resources, subscriber profile and service level agreement to ensure QoS and bandwidth allocation.

  • PCRF is based on CSM platform, A indigenously developed Radius and Diameter stack.
  • Accommodates multiple technological advances like 2G,3G, 4G/LTE, WiFi etc. over its convergent framework with highest number of integrations & proven interoperability with the Top 3 Tier 1 multi vendors’ for GGSN, DPI & P-GW
  • Enhancements in diameter interface can be reflected in all products thus reduces complexity and time to market for new technologies and service roll outs when operators expands services.
  • Single Source of Usage Metering, Charging (OCS)
  • Real-time Recharge & Activation
  • Sy Interface support at PCRF and OCS
  • Reduction in Time to Market – Service Catalog Integration with OCS
  • Single Source of Usage Metering, Charging (OCS)
  • Real-time Recharge & Activation
  • Sy Interface support at PCRF and OCS
  • Reduction in Time to Market – Service Catalog Integration with OCS
  • Integrated Policy Analytics for Subscriber Session/Usage intelligence
  • Enable new personalization plans
  • Contextual plans, QoS based plans
  • On demand services
  • PCRF is now NFV ready deployable on cloud or in premise.
  • The Pretested and Preconfigured Policy Control Solution comes bundled with integrated Policy analytics and on board EMS system.
  • SINGLE VENDOR Interface Pre- Integrated AAA+PCRF
  • Broadband Experience
  • Tier 1 Case Studies
  • Native support for Radius
  • Manage QoS and Quota management for Wi-Fi Offload over standard Radius CoA
  • Carrier Grade Scalability and Stability
  • Smart overload protection module, protects against diameter overload.
  • Reduction in Time to Market – Service Catalog Integration with OCS.
  • Low TCO due High TPS/Core
  • Increases monetization opportunity for operator with multiple plan association feature.
  • Support for complex applications plans such as Facebook plan in short time.
  • Quick migration and experience in tier deployment

NetVertex PCRF Technical Overview

NetVertex PCRF makes policy enforcement decisions in real time based on the services, applications, network resources, subscriber profile and service level agreement to ensure QoS and bandwidth allocation.

(Figure: Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) Product Architecture)

Policy Manager comes bundled with many modules like

Network Agnostic Carrier Grade Policy Manager

The soaring data usage with multiple devices has created an intense urge amongst the end users to access data as and when possible. This requires operators to manage their data offerings across all networks through a converged policy solution. PCRF offers a centralized policy manager to suffice the highly demanded data access across networks

Wireless (WiMAX, mobile, LTE/4G, Wi-Fi)

Wireline (DSL, ADSL, FTTH, Cable etc.) and monetize from the same

PCRF offers a centralized policy manager to suffice the highly demanded data access across networks as well as monetize from the same.

  • Enrich user experience by enabling operators to launch network specific as well as network centric policies and offer a customized plan as per subscriber demand
  • Real time traffic prioritization for managing network congestion
  • Increase customer loyalty with efficient policy management which offers Network centric as well as customized QoS and Quota provisioning
  • Centralized policy enables faster time to market across networks

  • Configure N number of policy rules
  • Supports 2000 TPS / server* (4 core CPU, 16 GB RAM)
  • 1 million subscribers # / machine ** (# 20% concurrency)

  • 3GPP Release 11
  • IPv6 support
  • ETSI TISPAN (RACS) WiMAX PCC (1.3 & 1.5) standard
Adaptors Support

  • Diameter based Gx, Gxa, Gxb, Gxc, Rx, Sp, Sd, S9, Sy
  • Radius for 802.1X networks
  • Proprietary interfaces
Pre integrated
Multiple Components

  • IT elements (Billing, Charging, BI systems, Analytics etc.)
  • Packet core elements (AAA, HSS, SPR, DSC,LDAP etc.)

Vendor Interoperability

Component Vendors
BRAS Huawei, Huawei MES, Loriel, 24Online, Redback, Cisco, Ericsson
GGSN/PDSN Cisco PDSN, Cisco ASR 5K (P-GW), Ericsson, Huawei
DPI Cisco CSG2, Cisco SCE, Ellacoya, Sandvine
ASN Huawei, Starent, Cisco, Wichorus, Airspan, Alcatel-Lucent, Avianet, Aricent

Gazing at the diverse and pioneering urge of operators to substantially monetize by offering innovative and comprehensive solutions to market, PCRF comes up with various value added offering creating a differentiation amongst the standard Policy management Solutions

PCRF Key Differentiation
(Figure: Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) Key Differentiation Architecture)
  • Multiple Plan Association

    offers innovative multiple plan association feature that enables an operator to offer multiple data plans simultaneously to its subscribers. has developed innovative policy logic that meters for each service plan separate and attaches associated QoS for each subscriber. For example: a social network fan may be happy with a tiered data plan for general usage, but pay a bit extra for unlimited usage of Facebook and Twitter.

    In the above plan separate quota for general usage and facebook/twitter is maintained. Depending on the service used, intuitively decides the quota and QoS that is to be applied. NetVertex also gives the flexibility to top up on either of the plans in mid of the billing cycle. Thus enables operators expand the customer relationship through personalization and control, and expanding the monetization (revenue) opportunities for the service provider.

  • Smart Overload Prevention Mechanism

    NetVertex offers Smart overload prevention module, It offers three levels of protection against sudden spike in the network and graceful protection to handle high TPS requirement. This ensures NetVertex PCRF does not crash and subscriber experience for all the ongoing sessions is not deterred and usage of each session is properly metered with no revenue loss.

  • Enterprise Policy

    Offers Enterprise subscriber’s ease of managing enterprise data plans and fulfils the demand of anytime-anywhere connectivity to corporate data and simultaneously limiting access to employees
    Download Datasheet

  • MVNO/E & NFV support

    NetVetex has enhanced support which provides Multi-Tenancy support. Operators can define multiple groups & roles in the NetVertex Platform & assign group and roles relationship with Staff.

  • Policy Analytics

    Intelligence enabling operators to know the data usage, traffic and revenue patterns of the users and accordingly modify and form new policies for their networks
    Download Datasheet

  • Radius Support for Wi-Fi Offload

    Radius Support for Wi-Fi Offload along with diameter support for packet core networks for QoS and Quota management over Radius CoA through a single PCRF deployment
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  • Plan Rationalization

    NetVertex is offers Plan rationalization feature that enables operator to reuse their existing plans created in PCRF across different circles and zones. This prevents plan duplication. For example operator team can create different price plans in OCS mapped to single PCRF plan for same quota.

    It also offers Plan Override mechanism where in different circles can create own plans overriding the plan created at the center.

  • DDF (Data Distribution Function)

    This module will help operator in distributing the Subscribers across multiple SPR. This will help operator in extending his network easily. DDF will be used by Server, CSD UI and Provisioning SOAP API. So the logic of distributing subscriber will remain centrally.

  • Programmable Policy Control

    To deal with unanticipated requirements of security and interworking, NetVertex PCRF is engineered with an advanced scripting capability to customize special policy needs and solve interoperability challenges, enabling network operators to program and automate policy-based configuration changes with Groovy plug-in script support. NetVertex PCRF engine has specific in-built hooks adapters attached which enables service providers with agile product based development and specific on site customization This feature is upgrade compatible, flexible, can easily drive custom logic and enables faster time to market.

  • Location Aware Services

    NetVertex PCRF facilitates Service providers to roll out Location Aware Services through its Location Aware module especially in Wi-Fi networks. The module identifies operator’s Mobile broadband subscribers current location and sends real time receives SMS /Email notification on entering the operator Wi-Fi hotspot zone in that location. Location Aware module does location wise policy enforcement and intimates user with customized notifications. This service enables operators with increased business revenues, enhance Wi-Fi service penetration and enrich user experience. Above this, NetVertex PCRF easily cater to various roaming scenarios with S9 interface support

  • Dynamic Subscriber Profile

    Dynamic SPR which stores last session based user information enabling service providers to utilize it monetize from the same

  • Device Management

    Support for enabling several device based plans

PCRF enables operators with 40+ innovative use cases off – the – shelf, enabling operators to offer dynamic real time and complex use cases, far beyond the primary bandwidth management offerings. A perfect policy suite with a wider portfolio of use cases enable operators to create next level of user centric personalization and monetization opportunities along with network optimization and service innovation capabilities.

Policy Control and Charging Use Cases
Time Based Plans

NetVertex PCRF enables operators to define time controls and offers plans to users based on specific hours, time of day, time of month, time of year, peak, off peak, special occasional or festive days and try to optimize network utilization and enhance user experience.

Device Based Plans

With the wide range of smart devices like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, iPod and others available in the market, NetVertex PCRF identifies device based on IMEI / IMEISV and its various parameters and accordingly enables operators to roll out specific device based plans. It also notifies users to upgrade their plan on switch to some other device. Operators can offer different QoS as per device requirements, bandwidth optimization due to content compression, device based tier definitions and reduce churn.

Multi Access Networks

NetVertex PCRF enables operators to offer innovative plans of converged policy solution across varied access networks, centralized policy manager with differential QoS and offer consolidated as well as separate plans as per subscriber demand for Multi access networks.

Fair Usage

Fair usage services by NetVertex PCRF enable operators to optimally utilize the network, reduce congestion by offering fair access control with features like smart data caps, bandwidth throttling, notifications on reaching threshold Quota limit or quota exhaust, redirection to NetVertex Service selection portal, generate up sell opportunities and reduce churn.

RAN Congestion Management

NetVertex PCRF allows CSPs to identify the heavy traffic cell sites and manage cell wise load and congestion across radio access network by monitoring traffic through traffic analytics modules and apply various policies.

Enterprise Plans

Enterprise policy solution enables operators to offer its Enterprise subscriber’s ease of managing enterprise data plans from a centralized web based Portal. It provides differentiated enterprise data plans business rules according to usage, devices, applications and time of the day / locations for individuals, groups and departments. It fulfils the demand of anytime-anywhere connectivity to corporate data and simultaneously limiting access to employees based on their ranks / hierarchy.

Parental Control

Parental control is the unique proposition offered as value added service and a revenue generating opportunity for operators with features such as shared wallet facility, policies which control data usage and spending limits. It enables parent to monitor and restrict child data usage on the basis of URLs, applications, devices, time of the day & locations. It provides end-to-end support in managing account hierarchy and do real time alterations in their existing pre defined plans through web based portal. It also allows parent to let child subscribe to several Add on like BoD plans, several loyalty and promotional offers

Service Personalization

NetVertex PCRF facilitates operators in applying and enforcing policies on a personalized level wherein subscribers can handpick services to meet their specific needs and offering plan as per user affordability and choice. Notifications are provided to users via SMS/Email and they can modify or upgrade the plan via NetVertex Service selection Portal.


Bill Shock

Bill shock by NetVertex PCRF facilitates operators with real time provision of notifying subscribers when their usage and bill reaches a certain predefined spending limits. It applies cut off mechanism to usage and allows user to opt for service extension or up gradation as per usage need via SSP and avoid bill shock.


Pay as you go / Usage Based

NetVertex PCRF offers Usage based service plans which are based on usage patterns wherein subscriber will pay only for the services utilized and on integration with charging can also support real time balance management instead of flat charging plans.


Shared Wallet /Family Plans

NetVertex PCRF enables operators to offer Shared wallet plans wherein members of a family or a group share a common data plan and get a single bill for all the services / members. Multiple users can access the data services from different concurrent logins each on different devices. It allows maintaining a hybrid account where the Real time usage metering, Balance management, transfer of units & balance is allowed between group members. Modification of plan can be done by SSP and also notifications are provided on reaching threshold limit or on overage.


IMS / VoLTE Plans

NetVertex PCRF enables operators to launch dedicated VoLTE plans over IMS networks with dedicated bearer of bandwidth for VoLTE services. With major operators planning to roll out LTE around the globe, it facilitates them to offer subscribers with differentiation offerings by provisioning committed QoS for voice over LTE along with data and rich media communications to enhance QoE.


Turbo Boost / Bandwidth on Demand (BoD)

Also known as Speed Boost it enable operators to monetize from idle network capacity by offering temporarily increase in bandwidth as demanded by users for better performance of various bandwidth rich applications. It can be offered as a Add on or promotional complementary plan, as a scheduled or manual BoD, can up sell by bundling with various other plans and so on.


Application Specific Access / Service Based Plans

NetVertex PCRF enables operators to offer demand specific and priority based guaranteed service performance by application specific plans like upload/download intensive services, social networking plans, video streaming, live services etc. wherein varied priority, speed, peak off-peak time etc. and many other customized parameters can be allocated to specific applications with DPI in operator’s ecosystem.


Location Specific Access / Roaming

NetVertex PCRF offers Location specific plans / roaming which enable users to have differential QoS, Quota based on location which enriches user experience and anytime – anywhere hindrance free data access. Roaming and partner based plans like day pass, week pass, monthly pass, launch promotional plans as per location, enables tie ups with regional partners etc.


Mobile Tethering

Tethering refers to usage of data services by connecting internet enabled mobile device with another device. NetVertex PCRF enables operators to offer time based tethering, as an Add-on feature, bundled with current plan, allow only trusted devices for tethering, run promotional offers for unauthorized tethered device and increase up sell opportunities.


Mobile Data Offload

NetVertex PCRF helps operators in relieving congestion in the existing network by offloading data traffic on complementary network and monetize by offering high QoS, access network wise differential or converged plans with differential quota, bandwidth etc. resulting in increased ARPU and reduced churn.


Business Intelligence (BI) / Customer Experience Analytics (CEA)

BI analyze the user behaviour by business analytic system based on input from network components like NMS, Billing, charging, Gateways and so on. CEA identifies the various usage patterns and behaviour of users and based on it enables operators to use this information to form various segmented plans and policies and hence personalize and monetize from service offerings.


Add-On Packages and promotional Plans

It enable operators to launch promotional plans and offer add on package over user’s current plans with specific QoS, metering and additional offerings which provide a capitalizing opportunity for operators by partnering with content provider, application provider and so on.


Tiered Service Offerings / Subscriber Prioritization

With this service, NetVertex enables operators to dynamically allocate users among different service tiers based on the real time activities and offer differentiated services by configuring policies in terms of Quota, time, usage volume, bandwidth throttle, provide notifications, redirect to SSP for change of plan and hence enables operators to increase ARPU through innovative service bundling and pricing.


Service Bundles

NetVertex PCRF fulfils the ever demanding requirement of operators to provide a bouquet of customized services under each category and offer it by bundling under a single plan with DPI functionality in operator ecosystem (e.g. bundling Facebook, twitter etc. in social networking plan and having a specific quota with dedicated QoS for each application)


Partner Based Approach

NetVertex PCRF provides monetizing opportunities for operators by enhancing their partnerships with 3rd parties (app providers, content providers etc.). Partner based plans enable operators offer their subscribers with content at subsidized rate on their personal devices while supporting revenue generating partnerships for operators.


Machine to Machine (M2M)

A M2M solution is a two way communication channel set up between machines which are networked using wireless, wired or a hybrid network with remote application infrastructure wherein NetVertex PCRF applies differential QoS based policies and ensures bandwidth availability. It enables operators to generate revenue streams through indirect business models.


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