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OTT Monetization

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OTT Billing

There are certain important assets owned by both OTT vendors and Communication Service Providers (CSPs). OTT vendors are looking for complete customer profiles with billing history, control over bandwidth & QoS, effective brokering and value added retail, whereas CSPs are looking for a large subscriber base, rich content and Innovative offerings.

Both the OTT vendors and CSPs can collaborate counting on their complementary strengths to form a longstanding & successful partnership.

OTT Monetization Solution is a Carrier- grade platform that supports diverse partnerships model with various OTT partners like Ecosystem Players, VoIP and Messaging Players, Content Streaming Players, Contextual Players. The platform supports multi-party partnerships. In-built multi currency support eases out the discrepancies of financial agreements between the parties.

Integral customizable business critical reports and MIS reports help the operator and the OTT partner in revenue analysis. It also supports rule based charging and partner invoicing. It consists of integrated stack of Partner Management Module, Product Catalogue, Wholesale Rating & Charging, Integrated flexible billing engine, Business Reports Module & PCRF.

  • Single platform supporting diverse partnership models for various OTT partners including platform partners, content partners, banks etc.
  • Advance partner settlement including Revenue Sharing Model based on Flat rate, Slab based or progressive rating
  • Usage Analytics - Provides subscriber based usage pattern, helps target subscriber information
  • Customized Business Critical reports & MIS reports for revenue analysis
  • Multi-partner and Multi-currency support
  • Feature rich rule base charging, and partner invoicing
  • Multiparty settlement with more than one partner
  • Re-processing and Re-rating support

OTT Partner Benefits

  • Eliminate Interoperability Issues of various device, Operating Systems, Features, Phones etc that were resulting in fragmented communication
  • OTT Vendors can reduce the challenges of operator dependency for optimum QoS/Bandwidth for OTT users by partnering with Operators.
  • Additional Revenue Streams by capturing the already existing subscriber base of operator.
  • Flexible Business Models and Agreements with various partnership models supported by Sterlite Tech solution.
  • Online Revenue Realization through Partner
  • They can self manage their own accounts on via web self care portals.

Operator Benefits

  • New Revenue Streams with additional subscriber base of OTT vendors
  • Checks Revenue Leakage due to lesser use of traditional voice and SMS services.
Sterlite Tech OTT Monetization Solution Architecture
Sterlite Tech OTT Monetization Solution Architecture
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