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Deliver Innovative, Personalized Services with Real-time Policy & Charging

New age customers are highly reliant on digital services. Be it traveling, work, shopping or simply communicating with our loved ones, almost all of us are in one way or the other linked to the internet. The changing customer behavior demands a real-time system that can serve the needs of digitally native customers, and aligned with their consumption pattern.

To churn out the best services for individual requirements, CSPs need a platform that can identify the intrinsic value associated with each transaction and apply right charging and policy controls. To achieve this, CSPs need integrated policy and charging solutions for better control over networks, providing usage flexibility to empower subscribers, increasing revenues, and enabling differentiation through monetization of policy and charging.

STL’s NetVertex Policy Control & Charging (NetVertex PCC) is intuitive, dynamic and offers real-time policy enforcement capability to CSPs. NetVertex PCC equips CSPs with real-time policy design and management capabilities. It empowers service providers to monetize their digital services from video & data to OTT offerings regardless of their payment behavior (prepaid or postpaid) or customer type (individual or enterprise).

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