MVNO/MVNE Solution

MVNO/MVNE Solution

Capitalize on Growth & Innovation with MVNO/MVNE Solutions
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Continued growth opportunities are present for telecom operators as communications technologies keep evolving, new business models continue to be innovated, the Internet of Things (IoT) emerges, and mPayments become ubiquitous. With more “smart” devices entering the market and consumers embracing newer technologies such as “smart” cars, “smart” homes and “smart” cities, operators will have greater opportunity to increase revenue. Mobile Virtual Network operators (MVNOs) are seen as partners in growth and innovation by telecom operators.

With MVNO solutions, MVNOs can roll out multiple digital services and differentiate in a saturated market providing a seamless customer experience, while increasing revenue.

While the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) model is highly complex with multiple changes from regions and plans to brands, systems and providers, MVNOs can rely on a robust mobile network virtual enabler (MNVE). Using enablers, MVNOs can:

MVNE solutions offer dynamic personalization and convergent billing alleviating pain areas with legacy systems and offer platform migrations. With cloud coming into the fray, infrastructure can be deployed truly, virtually.


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