Carrier-grade platform that enables seamless offload to Wi-Fi networks

Mobile Data Offload

Deliver High Speed, Extensive Coverage, Enjoy Cost Advantage
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Increased data consumption has led to many operators leveraging Wi-Fi for mobile data offloading. Such a strategy helps relieve network congestion, and enhances user experience by delivering high speed and providing extensive coverage. It also helps improve the overall economics of network deployment and operations offering a better cost advantages compared to traditional mobile networks.

Mobile data offload solution offers operators a carrier-grade platform, that enables mobile data offload to Wi-Fi networks. It helps:

Business use cases include:

Bundled Plan

  • 3G + Wi-Fi
  • LTE + Wi-Fi

Non data user

  • Only mobile users not GPRS or 3G

Pay as you go

  • Payment on the basis of usage done

Non Subscriber

  • Moblie Data offload for non subscriber
  • A converged AAA to support multiple authentication mechanisms: Seamless authentication with support for EAP SIM & EAP AKA, PEAP, TTLS, Web self-care based, MACID based mobile app based authentication, MSISDN based authentication via SMS
  • Integration with HLR/HSS via MAP gateway over SS7/SIGTRAN as well as integration with operator’s existing mobile core
  • Dynamic Portals with customization and personalization facilities
  • Support for regulatory compliance
  • Integration with existing billing and OCS/IN system
  • Dynamic charging models support
  • WiSPr compliant for meeting demands of multiple partner network setups
  • Reduces network congestion and offers seamless offload and connectivity
  • Improves user experience across networks
  • Enhances user mobility and accessibility
  • Increases customer retention and loyalty by offering innovative plans
  • Enables faster time to market and quick launch of services
  • Business analytics and reporting
  • Leverage Resource Investments, saving in CapEx and OpEx
  • Drives new monetization opportunities by enabling multiple innovative business cases
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