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Hospitality internet access management solution

Guests need Wi-Fi connectivity in hotels more than any other amenity. However, offering guests mere internet access is not a differentiator. Guests are looking for internet speed reliability and good coverage. To keep up with the demands of guests can be costly as bandwidth demand continues to rise. The need is to strategically manage bandwidth allocation and its consumption among hotel guests. What is needed is a tool that fairly distributes bandwidth amongst users, continuously monitors their usage and efficiently manages web traffic is required.

24online advanced solution is designed in a way to suit small to big hotel needs and address all challenges to support their Wi-Fi services. 24online solution’s robust AAA [Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting] is specially designed and deployed in a way to support hotel’s network security system against threats.

24online is a global provider of Hospitality Internet Access Management solution providing swift wireless internet access to users. 24online’s Wi-Fi solution makes it easy and convenient for people to achieve wireless access on their mobile devices or laptops at airports, hotels or shopping malls.

With 24online solution, hotels can

This all-in-one solution providing flawless bandwidth management, access control, AAA [Authorization, Authentication and Accounting] and reporting features.

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