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Intelligent Data Lake

Data Powerhouse for Actionable Insights

Data is fast becoming valuable resource that redefines the future of technology.Data in different forms and sizes originate from millions of users, devices, businesses and industries. CSPs are uniquely poised to shine in this data-driven future. The critical component of this digital transformation is facilitated by the CSPs.

Intelligent Data Lake (IDL) is a near real-time business intelligence solution that effortlessly manages, stores and processes data faster. The high-speed system has proven ability to capture, process and correlate trillions of records every day. It consolidates all enterprise data into a single data repository eliminating the data duplicity saving the infrastructure cost and improving data integrity with faster access to data.

Backed by seamless information access, IDL provides actionable insights for smart decision making that helps in increasing monetisation opportunities, enhancing overall revenue, redefining customer experience and improving network planning. The system is highly scalable to improve data agility and cost-efficiency.

IDLunifies customer usage patterns from legacy networks over a single platform allowing the service providers to craft personalised plans with bundled packages, including cross-selling, up-selling and a-la-carte offerings, to retain high-value customers and increase average revenue per user.


At MWC 2018, Sterlite Tech showcased its potential as 'Power of 1'. Sterlite Tech is one of the few fully-integrated Fibre Manufacturers with System Integration and Software capabilities which make it take a unique position of one company with these diverse capabilities.

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