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Fibre Roll Outs

Fibre Roll Outs Done Right

We are living in the age of fibre. Fibre networks formed the core network during the 2G era, helped increase coverage for 3G and played a critical role in backbone and backhaul during the 4G transition. As we look forward, fibre will be even more critical in access technologies.

Which is why we combined cutting edge technology, superlative service engineering and the best people-process matrix to create the Sterlite Way of fibre roll outs.

Starting from the most advanced and exhaustive geo technical surveys and microscopic route and front-wise planning, to flawless on ground execution, the Sterlite Way of fibre roll outs brings unsurpassed quality rigour to each and every step of the process.

With Sterlite Tech as your fibre roll out partner, you can be rest assured of top quality roll outs in the toughest terrains and the most challenging regulatory environments.


  • Faster roll outs
  • Cost optimisation
  • Quicker time to market, hence faster network monetisation
  • High quality network
  • Reduced repair and O&M cost

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