Enterprise Policy

Enterprise Policy

Enhance data accessibility with Sterlite Tech’s Enterprise Billing Solutions
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With the continued rise in adoption of tablets and smartphone devices at the workplace, the typical enterprise is witnessing a huge demand for employee mobility and anywhere-everywhere connectivity across corporate data services. To meet the goals of enhanced collaboration and productivity, enterprises require a solution that allows personalized price plans, raises their Quality-of-Experience in cellular data services and ensures real-time monitoring of data usage.

Enterprise policy solution enables service providers to greatly ease its corporate subscriber’s goals of managing data plans for all users through a centralized web portal. The solution’s biggest strength lies in its ability to differentiate enterprise data plan business rules according to usage, devices, applications and time of the day for individuals, groups and departments. NetVertex Enterprise Policy enables the service provider to not only manage specific enterprise policy based SLAs, but goes further in defining differentiated policies for each enterprise user based on employees hierarchy level, time of the day etc.



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