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Enabling Next-gen Wi-Fi Services to Connect, Experience & Monetize

We are a Netflix addicted generation and we need seamless connectivity for uninterrupted streaming. To ensure a smooth and superior user experience, seamless connectivity is imperative and Wi-Fi is the only connection of choice. Added to this, high adoption of smartphones means the global Wi-Fi hotspot market is poised to grow. Such hotspots are needed everywhere be it hotels, airports, cafés or various public places.

It is also a conducive option for operators as carrier Wi-Fi giving them an opportunity to augment cellular network capacity. It further helps reduce congestion on cellular networks. Telecom operators also enjoy carrier-grade Quality of Service (QoS), security and gain access to unique business cases across all customer segments.

STL Wi-Fi Service Management Platform (Wi-Fi SMP) enables operators to leverage carrier Wi-Fi as an integral part of their heterogeneous network services to improve spectral efficiency, offer bundled plans; earn profitability and deliver a high-quality user experience. The cloud-ready platform enables operators to tap new revenue opportunities with innovative offerings for different business verticals such as public venues, enterprises, residences, hospitality, municipalities, stadiums, universities and malls, thus ensuring service differentiation and generating new revenue streams.


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