Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) | An intelligent signaling framework

Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC)

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The sheer scale of mobile broadband uptake and the rapid proliferation of smart devices is breathtaking which has led to increase in mobile data traffic at an enormous rate driving many mobile operators to transform their 3G to 4G networks with new services such as tiered charging, shared wallet, Fair access Policies and more. This is achieved by introducing various diameter based network elements such as Policy and Charging Rules Functions (PCRFs), Home Subscriber Servers (HSSs), Mobility Management Entities (MMEs), Online Charging Systems (OCSs), and many more into the LTE / EPC and IMS architecture. With the increase in traffic the number of diameter elements and signaling traffic will correspondingly increase leading to a signaling mesh in the network.

Diameter signaling control infrastructure that addresses the growth and expected congestion in signaling traffic through efficient routing of signaling information will play a vital role in the management of 3G, IMS & LTE networks and policy deployments for connecting, translating and interoperating diameter elements.

DSC(Diameter signaling controller) is an intelligent signaling framework that streamlines and routes all Diameter-based IP signaling communication within the LTE and IMS networks. It is compliant to IETF RFC 3588, RFC 6733, 3GPP Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) and GSMA Diameter Edge agent (DEA) guidelines and enables simplify complex mesh and improve network performance, secure network topology and management through:

DSC - the “all-in-one-platform” consists of all diameter agent functions for routing, traffic management, redundancy and service implementation for 3G, LTE and IMS networks.


Operations and Maintenance

High Scalability and Availability

Peer State Machine (Capabilities exchange, Connect peer, Disconnect peer, in operation, overloading)

Dynamic peer discovery

Supports Dynamic peer discovery for communication between two nodes. If “IP Range” or “Subnet” are configured DSC will honor and accept connection from peer. All peer characteristics will be grouped into “Peer Profile” configuration dynamically.

Provides the ability to identify, connect and route messages to upstream or downstream agents, clients and servers.

The option of manual configuration of diameter node is also available

Security in Diameter Signaling

Serves as a secure, single point of entry into the cluster for simplified and efficient data network routing.

Security through Network topology hiding - Prevents hackers from directing attacks and identifying routes. It protects the mobile operators elements from being exposed to foreign networks

Resource starvation protection - Sets high limits that ensure proper operation and enhances high performance and Service Availability.

Diameter fuzzing Protection - Protects against attacks with Diameter malformed messages

Dynamic traffic rate control - Enhances service availability by signaling overload control and protection against Denial-of-service (DoS) attack.

Deployment mode

Software Based Approach


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