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Defence services


1) Our turnkey network solutions: We leverage our Design, Build, Manage capability and the inherent DNA of innovation to create augmented, secure and smart networks for our defence forces.

We have special expertise in large scale integrated telecommunications projects. From the most robust physical layer to the most diverse and intelligent application layer, we deliver excellence at each step of network creation.

With relentless quality focus on each and every network element and process, we are committed to fulfilling our role as a proud Make in India partner to the defence forces.


  • Comprehensive network planning
  • Smart network designing
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training and capability building
  • Warranty and AMC
  • Operation and management

2) 2) Critical infrastructure security: Critical infrastructure security and related applications have assumed greater strategic importance. As a technology and innovation company, we strive to deliver the most sophisticated and unique intrusion proof infrastructure, powered by fibre optic sensing capabilities.

Leveraging our expertise in solution engineering, we go that extra mile to design and develop security applications for each and every use case of our defence forces.

STL has developed one of India’s most advanced command and control centreswith real time, application level granularity and responsiveness.


  • Perimeter intrusion detection system
  • Buried pressure sensor system
  • Drainage intrusion detection
  • A full suite of security applications – successfully demonstrated 70+ use cases
  • Supporting network infrastructure
  • State of the art command and control centre

3) Network management system: We develop sophisticated network solutions which are exceptionally simple to use. Focused on end user experience and convenience, our intuitive network management system, offers best in class fulfilment and assurance features.

With the control of each and every network element and process at your fingertips, you can be rest assured of a seamless network performance with maximum control and minimum disruption.


  • Real time visibility and analytics
  • Scalable and future proof
  • Robust performance management
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Maximum network uptime

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