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Pioneer Digital Reinvention with Intelligent Revenue & Billing Management

Competition in the market is rife. There are hundreds of options for customers to pick from. So, what makes you unique? The current digital economy demands transparency, speed and accuracy powered by systems that can scale on-demand to create a unique customer experience through all touchpoints.

Sterlite Tech’s Crestel Digital Billing & Revenue Management (Crestel DBRM) is a web-scale platform built using microservices architecture to bring unparalleled agility to the CSPs striving to become Digital Service Providers. With real-time at core, Crestel DBRM provides a mission-critical best-of-suite monetization platform to CSPs looking to launch innovative offerings in the market, combining both retail and partner billing.

With a fully-modular architecture, Crestel DBRM enables the CSPs in addressing their immediate pain points without going for a long-running full transformation. The CSPs have the option to choose the components immediately relevant while taking advantage of containerized eco-system built on cloud best practices. The system enables quick integration with the existing infrastructures and partners, creating a dual-speed architecture to best serve the subscriber needs.


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