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In a small village near Pune, when Sonal wanted to open her own parlour, the resistance came first from her own family. Societal obligations and household duties stood in her way. Bowing down to a deeply enriched patriarchal mindset, Sarita left all hopes of an independent life. Sarita is just one of the thousands of Read More

Personalisation is at the core of Digital Transformation

Businessman drawing a Cloud Computing diagram

In this highly connected digital world, smartphone and internet play a crucial role in redefining the way daily activities are perceived. Right from cab booking, streaming video/music, social networking, online shopping to travel booking, smartphone usage has added more comfort and convenience to day-to-day activities. By 2019, the number of mobile phone users in the Read More

Software Defined Future

Businessman drawing a Cloud Computing diagram

Accelerate Revenue Growth, Address Dynamic Market Needs Today’s tech-savvy consumers are tuned to real-time digital experience facilitated by highly-personalised OTT services. This change in consumer behaviour has steadily influenced new technologies — Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, 5G, AI and machine learning, among others — leading to a series of digital transformation impacting almost Read More

5 Ways in which LEAD360 will Revolutionise Fibre Roll Outs

How often does it happen that incumbents disrupt the very space that they are operating in? Disruption is the by-product of keen understanding and a passion to transform things for the better. Indian optical fibre industry is more than 5 decades old and we have seen the rise and rise of fibre optic connectivity all Read More

5 Reasons why Fibre should be deployed by experts

Indian telecom industry is going through a phase of complete transformation. Competition is mounting, price war is escalating, companies are merging and data rates are falling. These are the trends that dominate prime time business news. But there is one more change which is sweeping the industry. This is hyperscale network modernisation. As an industry, Read More

Why CSPs should deep dive into Data Lake?

Businessman drawing a Cloud Computing diagram

  We are living in a networked society where there is an exponential growth of data and information. Data is fast becoming valuable resource that redefines the future of technology. Data in different forms and sizes originate from billions of users, devices, businesses and industries. The proliferation of data and information is so high that Read More

Life in the Times of 5G

5G Technology

Life in the Times of 5G It was not long back that India was excitedly ushering in 4G technology which would go on to revolutionise mobile phone usage. The euphoria of 4G has not even settled and we are already latching on to the idea of the internet of the future – 5G A 5G Read More

Disrupting network infrastructure evolution from Loose tube to FlashFWD Ribbon Cable


With the global transformation towards web scale networks that enables 5G and Internet of Things technologies, Sterlite Tech was getting multiple queries from its customers in US, EMEA and India for a new, dense network capability that enables extremely high data speeds and low response time. Here is a case study on how Sterlite Tech Read More

Is 5G in India a “lofty dream”?


Sterlite Tech’s CEO for Products Business, Ankit Agarwal spoke to Total Telecom about India’s quest to bring 5G to the masses, revealing: · To go from 4G to 5G, between two-and-a-half and three times as much fibre will be required. · Both the private sector and the Indian Government must ramp up the deployment of fibre – Read More

Sterlite SDN Teaser


We are generating almost as much data every year as has been generated in the entire human history. This exponential data growth is fuelled by addition of users, devices, as well as newer platforms such as IOT OTT, Cloud Services etc. As the internet becomes an integral part of our existence, users expect hyper connectivity, seamless connections and high security in their digital environment. This leads to a complex big-data-multiple-networks-scenario, which is clogging our current network infrastructure and unable to handle scale and variability of data demand. The ideal solution for this is a new generation of software defined and open source network or SDN.