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Billing & Revenue Management

Simplify Billing

Can you imagine a world with no bills? Neither can we. But we also understand that CSPs have better things to do than deal with complex billing processes.

Which is why we offer theBilling & Revenue Management (BRM) solution, a single converged platform that simplifies billing processes and ensures intelligent revenue management of digital services.

With BRM, CSPs can scale up and do more as they grow thanks to a converged and modular architecture. This is the age of Personalisation and we’ve made it easier with integrated subscriber analytics, so CSPs can offer tailored suggestions to customers based on their usage.What’s more, they can also quickly launch products and on-demand plans with real-time prepaid-post-paid convergent charging.

Why simplify

  • Real-time request processing enabling multi-fold performance improvement
  • Seamless performance monitoring powered by next-gen data security
  • Cloud-ready Docker application supporting easy integration with multiple platforms


The world is predicted to have 50 billion connected devices by 2020 creating a unique connected world with richer, faster and more intelligent interactions and experiences.

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