Bandwidth on demand boost wherein temporary increase in the user’s bandwidth.

Bandwidth on Demand

Maximize Network Infrastructure Monetization with Bandwidth on Demand
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Bandwidth requirements are growing rapidly because of the widespread acceptance of cloud computing, online video services, and mobile broadband. While the data usage is soaring, ROI on the network investment is still a big question because of overutilization or underutilization of network efficiency.

Sterlite Solution for Bandwidth on demand / turbo boost wherein temporary increase in the user’s bandwidth is allowed and user pays accordingly. This enables users to have better performance of certain bandwidth rich applications and simultaneously facilitates operators by efficiently utilizing the idle network capacity. It enables wireline service providers to offer real time control on network usage, provide service differentiation by offering value based service.

Bandwidth on Demand allows operators to serve the customers with either Dynamic Bandwidth whereby the customers would be given an opportunity to temporarily upgrade his bandwidth at a minimal price or Scheduled Bandwidth whereby the customer decides in advance a particular time slot in the day where he needs a specific bandwidth for a specific time. Both the concepts turn out to be better and cheaper options compared to uneconomical bandwidth upgrades.

Operator Need

  • Maximize the utilization of available idle network capacity
  • Create additional revenue opportunities and eliminate churn
  • Deliver a premium service experience to individual users increasing loyalty and differentiation to beat the competition
  • Enhance subscriber satisfaction

Subscriber Need

  • Able to temporarily upgrade bandwidth on demand for a specific time duration
  • Availability of faster data access at affordable price
  • Rapid and easy service activation
  • Optimum utilization of idle or underutilized network resources e.g. in off-peak hours CSP can offer a temporarily boost to less bandwidth user at an extra cost
  • Up sell Bandwidth on Demand by bundling with various other plans e.g. provide a turbo boost with gaming sites by partnering and monetize from it
  • Application / Time specific upgrade of Bandwidth e.g. Video conferencing for 1 hour Scheduled turbo boost e.g. increase in bandwidth every week day from 2 PM to 4 PM for video conferencing
  • Promotional Plan-Complementary turbo boost for a selected class of subscribers e.g. Speed boost for premium customers for 2 hours in off-peak hours
  • Flexible roll out with auto turbo boost for bandwidth rich applications
  • Scheduling of turbo boost during off-peak time to avoid network congestion
  • Notification to subscriber on turbo boost
  • Support for integration with Sterlite’s stack of billing, charging etc. which enables operator to offer differential charging, prepaid or post-paid
  • Request for temporarily upgrade of bandwidth via Service selection portal after which in completion of that time duration, original plan is restored
  • Support for zero touch provisioning
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