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Fixed line Networks which had vanished half a decade ago have again come into limelight with the customer demands changing from Wireless to Fiber Optic cables for Multiplay services for multiple locations. To meet these ever changing customer demands the Operators have brought about changes in their network from ADSL to FTTx.

AAA offers enhanced functionality for managing Legacy Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoe). In addition to this the IPoE & Fibre Optics enable IPTV Services, Video, VPN Services & High Speed Internet Services. AAA with Integrated Policy Manager Module can provide enhanced QoS functionalities like BOD (Bandwidth on Demand), Policies based on Time of the day and many more.

  • Multiple Authentication techniques
    Authentication can be performed on the basis of Portal, Username-Password(PAP-CHAP), Option 82 or MacID.
  • Seamless Integration between Radius & Diameter for OCS using Dual Stack AAA (RADIUS and Diameter).
  • Failover, Load-balancing, and High Availability features.
  • Service Flow Based Architecture for provider’s business logic and Enhanced/Customized Call Flows.
  • Interoperability
    AAA fits into any network environment and works with the widest variety of network access equipment, including 3Com, Alcatel Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, Nortel and Redback.
  • LI System Integration
    Integration of LI Agencies with AAA for Lawful Interception of Single or Multiple Subscribers.
  • Real Time Session Management
    Tracking of User Location, Usage, IP Address etc..
  • Concurrency Check
    Simultaneous login policies for Specific users
  • Enhanced QoS
    Communication between the PCRF & AAA can provide appropriate OoS depending on the network for better network utilization. The operator would be able to provide Time based access, FUP, BOD, Multi-Tier FUP etc.
  • Time Based Restriction
    Users can be allowed or disallowed to enter into network based on specific time
  • Centralized customer profile
    Management of prepaid and postpaid subscribers within common infrastructure, For postpaid it generates CDRS that are fetched by Mediation system.
  • IP pool management
    AAA provides IP Pool Management to maintain a list of used and free IP addresses
  • Restricting the subscriber to service level
    • Measured by bandwidth and QoS
    • Limiting the number of concurrent sessions allowed
    • Preventing the service access for certain contents, locations or time intervals.
  • Proxy AAA
    Proxy Forwarding based on Realm, ANI and DNIS Support
  • Easy Policy Configuration to match the provider’s business logic
    NASS is a flexible architecture compliant to all TISPAN, IMS specifications and protocols thus providing carrier grade scalability and reliability
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