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Policy Analytics

An intelligent analytics tool to strengthen and monetize operator's business strategies
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With evolving technologies and rising subscriber needs, telecom operators are looking for Big Data Analytics which will help them develop effective plans to generate revenue opportunities and better the customer experience. Unique monetization opportunities along with optimization of network infrastructure can also give customers a competitive edge.

Leverage big data with policy analytics

Policy analytics offers an intelligent platform for operators to monitor and analyze user’s data services. It enables operators to launch differential policies & plans based on analytics input which can result into variety of new business prospects and revenue generation. The tool can collect information from live server and evaluate correlation impact from usage patterns, revenue patterns, traffic patterns, network performance, subscriber preferences etc. through dashboard based reports.

Policy analytics can be offered pre-integrated with PCRF or can be easily integrated with any external or 3rd party PCRF.

  • Explore the effect of existing policies in the network
  • Promote new and customized plans as per subscriber demands
  • Dashboard based report monitoring
  • Analytics input enable operators to restructure their business framework and offer personalized plans to users
  • Integration of PCRF with analytics can be used to implement subscriber centric and target based promotions
  • Bandwidth management to improve the network access performance
  • Plan Performance Analysis

Monitor and Measure data growth in the network to ensure predictability in the network. Analyze plan performance pattern zone wise, segment wise to understand subscriber's plan selection patterns. Peak off peak traffic analysis enabling marketing team launch extra plans to balance the network usage. Identify Best performing Cell Sites in terms of Subscriber connections and data consumptions; so capacity planning can be done in that location. Other benefits include:

  • Identifying fraud or abusive usage in the network
  • FUP usage analysis helps identify up sell opportunities for Operator marketing team
  • OTT data consumptions for enabling new partnership opportunities
  • Multiple Analytics reports can be obtained in various combinations and correlations based on usage, traffic etc. such as:
    • Plan Performance Reports
    • Plan wise usage comparison daily, Monthly
    • Subscriber wise and Plan wise HSQ quota v/s Avg usage analysis
    • Plan wise Usage after FUP
    • Top Ten plans Volume wise and Revenue wise
    • Fraud Detection
    • Subscriber wise usage analysis
    • Identify abuse in the network
    • Policy Server Reports
    • TPS per (Minute/Hour)
    • PDP Count per(Minute/Hour)
    • Peak – Off Peak Hours (Subscriber/Usage)
    • Cell Site-wise Reports
    • Cell Site wise (Subscriber count, Usage, Unique Subscriber count)
    • Top 50 Cell Site Reports (Usage, Count)
Policy analytics reference architecture
Policy analytics reference architecture
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