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Sterlite Technologies is a data networks solutions leader that designs, builds and manages smarter digital networks globally. It provides end-to-end network solutions for global telecom companies, cloud companies, citizen networks and the defence. With innovation at its core, its technological solutions are developed at Centre of Excellence for research in photonics and glass science, and Centre for Smarter Networks for innovation for next-generation networks.

Sterlite Tech’s optical communication products have scaled significantly in the last three years, and today they have over 270 patents to their credit. The company is developing solutions for 5G and FTTx networks, intrusion-proof defence networks, rural broadband, data-centre networks, and much more.

Committed to an inclusive Internet, the company is also developing programmable, open sourced and disaggregated solutions to enable CSPs improve their customer experience and lower their total cost of ownership.

Sterlite Tech’s solutions are used in some of the toughest terrains of the world. They are deployed in extreme temperatures of Iceland, in the deserts of the Middle East, and in the rugged Himalayan range …. In India, 45% of data travels on the company’s solutions. Globally, the company sells in over 100 countries – in Europe it works with almost all the leading operators, bringing 5G and FTTx solutions to almost all countries of the continent, with a big play in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, to name a few.

Sterlite Tech is a high growth company – in the last three years, their order book and the new services business have grown 10X.

Sterlite Tech - Anil-Agrawal

Sterlite Tech has continuously evolved over the years to create solutions that transform lives across the planet effectively. We have added capacities and capabilities that allow us to lead nations into the next generation of communication technologies. In India, we are uniquely positioned to enable realisation of national vision of creating Digital India, Make in India and 100 Smart Cities.

Anil Agarwal – Chairman, Sterlite Technologies Ltd


Giorgio & Ewald - Vumatel, South Africa

" I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that Sterlite Tech did to make our visit to your country a very wonderful experience.

I can't explain how impressed we were by Sterlite Tech and all aspects that we observed at your cabling and glass plants. It was very reassuring to see an environment and culture that values its people so highly, and most importantly are committed to producing a world class product for their customers. It is good to know that the investment we are making is going to be sustainable for the long term. "

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Anton Bote - FTTX Energy, South Africa

" I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the visit to Sterlite Tech. We were treated like royalty. We were very impressed by the humble and proud, friendly, highly educated team of individuals at the various plants. The technology behind making the glass preforms was mind blowing. We were very impressed by the paperless quality processes and how each and everything has a KPI measuring the performance. The amount of times each fibre gets tested as it goes through the process to form part of a cable have confirmed our confidence that we are working with the superior quality product. The amount of investment in the world class plants and also the great working environment you created for your staff is the best I have seen. We are very excited about new products that we identified, such as the aerial cable solution and the MDU solution displayed in your offices.

Visiting India for the first time was something very special. We can clearly see your country going in the right direction.

Again thank you for a memorable visit, We are proud to be associated with Sterlite Tech "

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US $480
mn Revenues
2000 +
Offices in 16
Serving customers in
100 + countries
270 Patents

The Sterlite Story

Demerger of power and telecom businesses Sterlite Technologies becomes pure-play telecom company

Acquisition of Telecom Software Services Company - Elitcore Technologies

Inauguration of Telecom R&D Centre of Excellence at Aurangabad

Roll out of end to end Broadband Networks (NFS Project)

JV in China & Brazil for Fibre & Cables manufacturing 20 MFKM Fibre capacity

Power Grid & FTTx Infrastructure business

Power Conductors Business

Optical fibre Manufacturing 0.5 MFKM Fibre capacity

Fibre optic cables manufacturing

Copper cables manufacturing

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