AAA to meet customer experience through smooth authorization and authentication process

AAA Transformation

Meet New Age Data Demands with Software AAA
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Service providers worldwide are evaluating Next Generation Authentication Authorization Accounting (AAA) to meet new age demands of customer experience through smooth authorization and authentication process, ability to add multiple checks, ease of configurability, standards based design and scalability to handle millions of requests per second.

With Transformation to a next generation AAA, Operators will be able to address the New Age data requirements with more flexible features like shared data for Residential Broadband, password less authentication no hassles of remembering the user name and password, Single authentication method for multiple access networks, Fixedline DSL, WIFI, LTE, WIFI calling, Interworking with trusted and untrusted networks.

  • AAA offers a highly scalable, extendable, Interoperable AAA solution with support for both Radius and Diameter capabilities, operators get the advantage of being faster to market with new services and plans.
  • Faster Rollout
  • Convergent AAA for multiple networks supported through the same AAA. Easy to add new network devices & technologies
  • Complete offering With RADIUS, DIAMETER & RDBMS Server integration
  • NFV and Virtualization Support Sterlite AAA Platform supports NFV and virtualization, deployable on cloud and in premise
  • Reliability Supports rapid business expansion. With 99.999% availability.
  • Leverage over existing infrastructure AAA open API enables smooth integration with other systems such as AAA, SPR, Billing, WSC, mediation etc.
  • Future proof Highly customizable, modular and work flow based AAA system promises to meet unseen futuristic requirement, Based on a common CSM framework enables easy upgrade to other CSM products (PCRF, DSC)
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