AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting)

Backbone services to support CSM functions
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A robust AAA server is a preliminary requirement to propel the growth that comes with the launch of new services and an increasing subscriber base. Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) are business-critical functions within Service Provider networks. They're key to improving the subscriber experience and essential to supporting data services growth and new opportunities in fixed-mobile convergence and LTE. Service providers need a flexible underlying access control infrastructure that provides carrier-grade performance and scalability, enabling them to take full advantage of these opportunities — across multiple networks simultaneously.

AAA offers an access agnostic carrier grade AAA, which is the preliminary requirement to propel the growth that comes with the launch of new services and an increasing subscriber base. AAA v6.8.0 offers configurable service flow, an essential feature for CSP transforming their AAA infrastructure to support convergence of networks. The new version enables CSP easily design complex call flows from a single GUI in a multi network scenario, roll out new services faster to market and improve customer experience.

Sterlite Tech AAA in a nutshell

  • Single-platform solution for multiple networks with common policy and subscriber profile.
  • Dual-Stack RADIUS & Diameter support.
  • Access & Vendor agnostic architecture.
  • Real-time session management – Provides mobility, roaming, security and usage tracking and session disconnection.
  • Redundancy & Failover - Can be deployed in N+1 or 1+1 mode and support subscriber DB failover.
  • Intelligent load balancing & failover with various aliveness checking.
  • Scalability and High performance – Carrier grade scalability & performance over 2500 TPS.
  • Provisioning – Simplifies provisioning and updating of network elements through a centralized management.
  • Roaming between networks provides a real time mobile experience.
  • Easy scripting for complexity in interoperability – AAA 3GPP server support JAVA standard JSR based scripting engine.
  • Next generation IPv6 ready. 3GPP/3GPP2 compliant.
  • Reliability - Reliability to support rapid business expansion. With 99.999% availability.
  • QoS - Provide appropriate QoS depending upon the type of network and subscriber access preferences leading to optimum network utilization.
  • Highly flexible and configurable system.
    • Single screen for defining authentication and accounting.
    • Configurable service flow.
    • Advanced translation mapping.
    • Dashboard view of system performance.
    • Easy to use drag drop UI policy.
  • Smart over load protection with priority queue AAA offers multilevels of threshold protection to handle TPS spikes in the network gracefully, which improve the service availability for the connected sessions and revenue assurance for the operators programmable AAA to deal with unanticipated requirements of security and interworking, AAA is engineered with an advanced scripting capability to customize special policy needs and solve interoperability challenges, enabling network operators to program and automate policy-based configuration changes with plug-in script support. Broad multi-vendor Support & integration multi network support AAA supports multiple networks such as LTE, 3G, WiMAX/NWG, GPRS, EDGE, EV-DO, CDMA2000 1x, UMTS, Wi-Fi, Dialup/ISDN, VoIP/NGN, DSL, Cable & FTTH standards compliant and rich experience supporting over 80+ deployments worldwide.
  • Simultaneous support for RADIUS and Diameter protects investment in existing infrastructure for legacy applications and services as providers roll out new SIP-based services and migrate to next-generation and IMS/MMD frameworks.
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