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OFC Product solutions

Optical Fibre Cable Product

Optical fibre has become a necessity for telecommunication companies as a preferred transmission medium catering to their most aggressive bandwidth demands. Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) is used across the backbone, aggregate, and access networks. Fibre to the home (FTTH), Fibre to the antenna (FTTA), and Fibre to the building (FTTB) applications are key factors driving the demand of OFC. In OSP installations, Sterlite's customised cable solution cater to high-bandwidth applications ranging from underground, direct buried, aerial, submarine to FTTx.

OF Product Solutions

Optical Fibre Product Solution

Sterlite's process of making world-class optical fibres starts with fused silica. Small cells used in our design ensure that the glass preform manufactured in-house is of the highest quality. Customization of dimensions and properties of the preform cladding and coating enable Sterlite to develop specialty fibre products of bandwidth speed up to 100 mbps such as 200 micron bend insensitive optical fibre . Quality of optical fibre-based solution depends on the quality of precursor preforms. Sterlite's control over the complete value chain that starts with silica, offers our customers a significant value. One of the largest integrated manufacturers of optical fibres in the world, Sterlite offers a complete range of end-to-end optical fibres for a variety of applications ranging from long haul, regional, metro, access and FTTx networks. Supported by a dedicated team, these fibres deliver superior performance in data transmission and performance reliability.

Copper Data Cable Solutions

Sterlite Tech Data Cables

Sterlite Technologies offers a comprehensive range of data cables for a variety of applications in structured cabling. Supported by manufacturing facility at Dadra, India, Sterlite's range of data cables delivers superior performance in data transmission and performance reliability. From order inception to final audit, Sterlite is committed to unequalled customer satisfaction.

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